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Small things – keys, phone, tablet, envelope, glasses, small purchases, souvenirs, etc.

Wieliczka Salt Mine (Discover the underground beauty hidden in the corridors of the 13th century Salt Mine. See underground salt lakes, corridors, and salt sculptures.)

Women bag, shopping bags, clothes, laptop, etc.

Auschwitz-Birkenau (It was the Nazi concentration camp and an extermination centre. A visit allows you to broaden your historical knowledge of the Holocaust)

Small luggage bag, regular backpack, small sports bag

Welcome to Kraków Tour (Best tour for the first time, if you want to know what to see in the city and the region or you are here again and wish to experience something new)

Large, medium luggage bag, large backpack

WOWKrakow! Hop On Hop Off Bus (Wow!Krakow buses take you from one monument to the next, you’l have the opportunity to see the most important points in the city on your own in 2-3 hours)

Large sports bag, or many small things.

Kraków walking tour 4 hours – Old Town and Jewish quarter (We recommend to all tourists who want to know the ins and outs of Kraków)

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We doubted whether to leave the city and spend time on Wieliczka. I liked the tour itself, it was interesting to us and even to the children. The only thing - I can warn people who do not feel comfortable underground. My wife had easy difficulties with this. But, she said that what she saw was worth it. So decide for yourself.

Jack 16.01.2020



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Convenient to get from anywhere in the city

Left-luggage office near the railway station

Left-luggage office near the railway station

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Near the bus station

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Payment by card and cash

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Can I book a tour?

For your convenience, you can order any of the tours in advance. Simply:

  • choose a tour that you like
  • come to us and place an order or write to us at info@iluggage.pl

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Is my personal data safe?

Do not worry, any data of our users is protected. We make every effort to ensure the security of your personal information. We use SSL encryption. SSL encrypts your personal information, such as your address, phone number, website visit data, etc.

How to order a tour?

You can order any of the tours you like by contacting us by mail info@iluggage.pl
You can also place an order at our office at ul. Basztowa 10
You can check your reservation online using your phone or laptop.
You can pay for the tour in cash or by credit card.

Where can I leave my luggage and personal items?

We provide luggage storage service for our customers. Automatic left-luggage offices are the most comfortable and reliable way to leave your things for the duration of the tour.
Please note that in some places, according to internal rules, it is forbidden to carry luggage, including women’s oversized bags and large backpacks. Most often, this problem arises as a security measure at the entrance to museums and the territory of historical monuments, as they are recognized as a place of large crowds.

What and how much does it cost in Poland?

The cost of lunch in a restaurant is 20-80 zlotys. Products are the cheapest on farmers’ markets.
Polish beer 5-12 zlotys
The cost of public transport in Poland is low. Tickets cost from 2-3 zł per person. Taxi from 2.8 to 5.40 zł per kilometer on weekdays from 6:00 to 22:00. Be careful: on weekends and at night – the tariff is higher.

What is the easiest way to get to the center of Krakow from the airport?

Order a comfortable transfer with us. Renting a car with a driver will allow you to get to any desired place easily and quickly. We provide the following types of transfer:

  • From / to the airport
  • Group
  • VIP
  • Transfer for people with disabilities
  • Attractions Transfer

I would like to travel outside the city

We have tours that will allow you to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings of the city:

  • Salt mine in Velichko (discover the hidden underground beauty of the 13th century salt mine. Mysterious corridors, sculptures and salt lakes)
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau (one of the largest Nazi concentration camps and death camps. Museum of the Holocaust – one of the worst periods in the history of Poland).

City transport Krakow

In Krakow, you can use public transport such as trams, buses and private minibuses. As elsewhere, public transport users must have a valid ticket; a trip without a valid or verified ticket entails a fine.

A one-way ticket for a city bus and tram costs 2.80 zlotys. You can buy it at a bus stop or at kiosks. For baggage and large cargo you need to buy an additional ticket.

How safe is Poland?

Police statistics show that life in Poland is safer than in many other European countries.

Millions of tourists visiting the country every year can confirm that Polish people are friendly and very hospitable towards foreign visitors.

However, in order to get the most out of your holiday in Poland, it is always advisable to take the usual precautions. When you first visit the city for your convenience, it is best to follow the established tourist routes, keep track of valuable items and do not park your car in the wrong place.

In case of emergency, you should contact the local police at 112 or with the municipal overseers at 986.

What time of the year is better to choose for travel?

As a rule, the weather in Poland is unpredictable, but the 4 seasons are very clearly defined.

Spring with a mild climate is perfect to enjoy nature and go hiking in the mountains. It starts in March

Summer starts in June, and this is the warmest and brightest time of the year. This is a crowded time with a large number of tourists at all resorts of the Baltic Sea coast.

Autumn begins in September, and in the beginning it is usually warmer and sunny. It is getting colder gradually and foggy by November.

Winter begins with gray and humid weather and lasts from December to March. This is the second most popular season after summer for tourists visiting the mountainous regions of Poland. The temperature can drop to -20

What clothes to choose for the season in Poland?

The weather is more similar to conditions in several other European countries. You need to be prepared for the fact that in winter the temperature is minus, and dress warmer. In the fall and spring, cook different clothes, as the weather is very changeable. Summer is warm and soft: dress lightly.

Where can I pay by credit card?

The use of credit cards is widespread in Poland, especially in large cities. You can use credit cards in supermarkets and most stores. Cards such as Europay International, MasterCard International, Visa International and American Express are accepted. Electronic cards (Maestro, Visa Electron) can be used only at ATMs and at points of sale equipped with electronic card readers. Embossed cards (Eurocard / Mastercard, VISA) are not subject to such restrictions.

Can I use ATMs in Poland?

One convenient way to get cash in the right currency is to use ATMs. In Poland, more than 10,000 of these machines are connected to the international network and will be able to accept your bank card. Find your nearest ATM online on the maps.

Can I pay the Euro in Poland?

The official currency of Poland is PLN Zloty (literally gold). Poland is not a country in the Euro-currency zone. In some stores you can pay with Euros (only banknotes, no trifles), but the rate will not be in your favor, and the change will be given to you in zlotys. You can exchange currency even in a small town.

I need to cancel the reservation. What compensation can I expect?

In case of cancellation, the cost of the reservation will be compensated minus a penalty, the amount of which is:

  • 25% of the cost of services in case of cancellation 48 hours before sending the tour
  • 50% of the cost of services in case of cancellation 12 hours before sending the tour

The application for cancellation is only valid in writing.

I would like to change the date of the trip.

Have you changed plans?

To change the date of the trip, please contact us and we will do everything in our power. You can write to our email info@iluggage.pl or come to the office at ul. Basztowa 10

I need to correct the names, age or other details in the reservation.

Have you found a mistake in your reservation or want to replace a tour participant with another? Please contact us. You can write to our email info@iluggage.pl or come to the office at ul. Basztowa 10

I do not have a printer to print a voucher (reservation confirmation). Can I not print it?

Not. Booking confirmation is your personal tour ticket. This document contains important information and is a confirmation of the purchase of the tour.

When will I receive a booking confirmation?

After confirming all the data and paying for the service, you will receive a confirmation of the reservation to the email address that you indicated. If you have not received confirmation of your reservation, check the Spam folder, and then contact us in a convenient way for you:

I did not receive confirmation of my tour reservation

If you have not received confirmation of your reservation, check the Spam folder, and then contact us in a convenient way for you:

Why do I need a reservation voucher and what to do with it?

Booking confirmation is your personal tour ticket. This document contains important information and is a confirmation of the purchase of the tour. Please print it out and keep it with you.

What is included in the tour price?

The prices indicated in our advertising or on the website cover the cost of all entrance tickets, professional guide services and excursions declared on the tour. The price also includes the hotel / hostel pick-up and hotel / hostel drop-off service. Read the tour program carefully. Personal service and additional personal services are not included in the package.

Why do you need to know where my hotel is located?

We request information about your accommodation in Krakow, as we provide the hotel pick-up / hostel drop-off service. The confirmation of the reservation will indicate the address at which you will be picked up and brought back after the tour.

If you wish this to be not a hotel address, please provide a different address for your pick-up location.

How do I know my reservation is confirmed?

When your reservation is confirmed, you will receive an email. This letter will detail all the details of the confirmation. If you have not received confirmation of your reservation, check the Spam folder, and then contact us in a convenient way for you:

Can I change the number of travelers?

If you want to increase the number of travelers in an already completed booking, book the same tour for an additional number of passengers, depending on availability. If you need to reduce the number of travelers in an already completed reservation, please contact us by e-mail info@iluggage.pl or contact our office at ul. Basztowa 10. For cancellation of reservation it is necessary to pay a penalty fee (see cancellation clause)

How to book a tour for a big company?

We are pleased to provide you with the best options for tours and we want your entire company to have enough space. Please contact us: