Luggage storage in Krakow

Charging mobile phones in Krakow

Opening hours 24/7
Address: Szczepańska 3, 31-011 Kraków
Latitude: 50.063155
Longitude: 19,9366497

How it works

Click Put things and set a PIN code

Click “Charge gadget”, set the PIN code, select the cell size and the time for which you want to leave the phone charged.

Pay according to the tariff

Pay according to the tariff depending on the selected cell and time.

Put things at box and close the locker

Put the phone in the camera and close the cell.


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Small things – keys, phone, tablet, envelope, glasses, small purchases, souvenirs, etc.

Small things – phone, tablet and other gadgets. Available with charging for the phone.
Dimensions (cm): 20 x 30 x 50
Small cell – 0,5 EUR (2 PLN) / hour

4 EUR (20 PLN) / 24 hours

customer feedback

Were on an excursion in Krakow and as usual it happens, after a lot of self-made, all the gadgets were exhausted))). They rented a cell with the function of charging the phones and it all worked with a new power! I recommend, very convenient

Max Johnson 13.03.2019


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We work around the clock, without days off and breaks

We work around the clock, without days off and breaks

Low prices on deposit

Low prices on deposit

The very center of the city

The very center of the city

Convenient to get from anywhere in the city

Convenient to get from anywhere in the city

Left-luggage office near the railway station

Left-luggage office near the railway station

Near the bus station

Near the bus station

Payment by card and cash

Payment by card and cash

Saves time, no attendants, the ability to charge gadgets

Fast service, no attendants


The computer asks me to enter the PIN code, what code should I enter?

You must set your own 4-digit code and remember it, then to pick up your things.

Can I leave the phone for a few days?

You can leave the phone for any period, if you paid for one term, and pick up the phone later, you will need to pay the rest of the time to pick it up.

Can I leave to charge Powerbank or Tablet, or another gadget?

Yes, of course, in the cells there are charging cables for all possible devices.

What time can I leave or pick up the phone?

We work around the clock, so at any time, day or night, 7 days a week, on weekends and public holidays.

Can I pay in cash?

Yes, you can pay in cash or by card.

What should I do if I have difficulties in order to leave a mobile phone or pick it up?

Nearby you can see detailed instructions, in case of additional difficulties you can contact us.

Can I pick up the phone ahead of time or report on other things?

Yes, you can open and close the cell.


Instructions 2

How many times did your phone suddenly run out of battery when you were traveling around beautiful city? The charger was left at home, and there were still a lot of attractions of which you wanted to take a photo, and also needed to make a call to a taxi service. Moreover, there may be situations when you need to urgently call the police, ambulance, other services, look at the Internet route, etc.

In the modern world it is uncomfortable to remain for a long time without communication. In order to prevent such a situation, our company has created an incredibly convenient service for charging mobile phones in Krakow. There are no queues and negative staff, but fully automated system that allows you to leave any gadget at the right time for you. We got cells of various parameters that can accommodate both small smartphones and tablets of considerable size.

A reliable security system, in which you independently set a password, will ensure the safety of electronic gadgets. In addition, an affordable pricing policy and a convenient location will be a pleasant bonus of cooperation.

Be always “in touch” with ILUGGAGE.PL.